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Re: teacake does Stargate: punch it

The Road Not Taken: I never met an AU episode I didn't like. I love this stuff.

This happens so rarely so I must rejoice that we saw a whole lot of Carter..

I thought it was an interesting touch that the SGC, that concrete bunker, was full of ponderous portraits and historical renderings. A good way to highlight this being a different world.

Hilarious that in 200 we got everyone's favorite fantasy marriage and in this one we got Carter's worst nightmare!

I really loved Rodney's house, it is MASSIVE.

I thought it was kind of odd how Carter wore this (very nice) coat through most of the episode. She wears it outside, she wears it when she's talking to Rodney, she wears it when she's in the SGC.. I was studying Tapping's stomach to see if this coat was covering something.

The resolution was too abrupt, as much as we'd like to think Carter's speech about her universe's Landry got through to this universe's president Landry it seems very silly they let her go. I would have liked to have seen her escape instead however that is really only a minor quibble. Great episode!

I enjoyed a very different Mitchell too.


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