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Star Trek: Full Speed Ahead: "To Triumph and Not to Mourn" (TFV)

(Cover Credits: Defiant-class mesh by Skye Dodds. Gallant textures by Steff Walker and Michael D. Garcia.
Earth & Moon background by NASA [public domain]. Cover lettering by Michael D. Garcia. Task Force Vanguard logo by CeJay.)

In this story that follows the popular crossover novel
between Star Trek: Gibraltar and Star Trek: Full Speed
Ahead, The Chains of Error, continues with the USS
Gallant as it is dispatched on a mission deep within
Romulan space!

Stardate 54571.54: Nuhir t'Aimne risks everything to rescue
her kin from being conscripted into the Rihannsu's most
dangerous order, the Tal Priax. Carolyn Kircheis and the crew
of Gallant are tasked with breaking into Romulan space and
helping her escape with her family before they're discovered
and the fragile alliance between the Federation and the
Romulans is threatened.
Michael D. Garcia
Head Writer, Star Trek: Full Speed Ahead (United Trek)

Visit my writing blog or my fanfic profile at Ad Astra.
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