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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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If that guy was one of Morgan's victims, then he's either lost or has no sense, since he was walking TOWARD the town.
Wasn't he walking toward the town only after he saw the car? Maybe he was hoping to catch up to them, or head in a direction they might be going

I agree it's an unlikely scenario though. If you'd just gotten screwed out of your weapons & run out of a town by Crazy Morgan, would you be looking to immediately encounter more new strangers in the vicinity? Probably not, but you can't blame me for trying to come up with a reason that a year long survivor would be so monumentally stupid & still manage to live this long

& sure, the second encounter was more of an indication that it probably wasn't a trap, & more about how our heroes are not open to giving people a chance, even with each other, which was the setup for the lesson learned from crazy Morgan. People on their own got problems. Remember that sleeping kook in the shack that was yelling about calling the cops? That's what being alone gets you, a one way ticket to nuttersville

Having said that, I still didn't trust the hitcher in the 2nd encounter either. It was still fishy imo. The bottom line is, it would be exceedingly difficult to have successful 1st encounters with strangers. A year in, people should know this, and if you're lucky enough to get through it without a firefight, you should probably give people a chance, because the more common encounter would be like the bar in season 2
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