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Re: Kenney Pens Trek Experience Book

Best of luck to him and everything, but I must say this and it will be blunt: why is it everyone cashes in on the band wagon? He was not big in Star Trek. He was not even Christopher Pike as what Pike is when we think of him (and when he actually acted and spoke); that's Jefferey Hunter, so the title is a shameless cash in (likely on the part of the publisher, but one nonetheless). The background actor from episode 17 (figuratively speaking) does not get to sit at a table at a convention with 8x10 photos waiting around to sign autographs for money, nor write a biography about his time on the show and his life, selling it on the back of the show. It is Guy Fleegman from Galaxy Quest. Everyone in this world could write a biography, but only a select few people do. I have no right to write a biography as just some guy, nor does anyone else here. We're in the same boat.

If people want to come by and interview you about your life and about your time doing whatever, then you take part in those things. But other than that, just go off and do your thing.

But the thing is written, so best of luck with that and everything. But the aforementioned points do stand.
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