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Re: TNG Caption This! 307: I'm not Evil, I'm Parallel

Even in the 24th Century, people still don't like getting flu shots.

It's "Switch Jobs" day aboard the Enterprise. Data is a Nurse, Ogawa is the CMO and Worf is the orderly.

Worf: (thinking) The good news, I'm First Officer. The bad news, that kids got my old job.

Picard: Didn't LeadHead just have a contest with doubles in a photo?

Worf: You were Captain.

Riker: That's Good!

Worf: Picard was dead.

Riker: That's Bad.

Worf: I was your First Officer.

Riker: That's Good!

Worf: Wesley was the security chief.

Riker: That's bad.

Worf: Deanna was still the counselor.

Riker: That's Good!

Worf: She was my wife.

Riker: That's Bad.

Worf: We were at peace with the Cardassians.

Riker: That's good!

Worf: The Bajorans were violent and aggressive attacking starships.


Worf: That's bad.

Riker: Can I go now?
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