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Re: School goes into lockdown over "Fresh Prince" theme

While the arrest seems like overkill, in defense of the receptionist reporting the message to police in the first place, this was not a ring tone of the actual Fresh Prince theme with music. It was just the student himself speaking the lyric “And all shooting some b-ball outside of the school” as a voice mail message. Not to pass snap judgments on a 19-year-old who's still in high school, but perhaps he's not the most articulate person, and I can easily see how "b-ball" and "people" could get mixed up in a poor sounding recording, especially when it's just spoken without musical accompaniment, which would make you question its seriousness. Plus, leaving a message with your intentions to shoot up a school or workplace is not unheard of for mass shooters. So, I don't blame her for taking precautions, especially in this day and age.
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