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Just finished it... that was some damn fine DLC. I haven't had that much fun in a while. Nearly every moment was perfect. Some touching moments, many hilarious ones.

It was a good way to wrap up ME3 and you can tell the effort they put into this pack.

Some of my favourite moments:
-Joker's story to the bartender in the casino about how he "helped" defeat Cerberus during the attack on the Citadel. It was just so over the top that I had to support it.
-Coming across Shepard's hamster on the Normandy. "Oh... that is not okay! She messed with my hamster guys. Now it's personal!" "All right, sit tight little guy. Anybody gives you trouble... go for the eyes."
-Shepard dancing in front of the crew at the party and their comments.

Oh... and all the conversations you overhear from the "N7" soldiers on the Citadel about their missions and dealing with their squads. Nice little jabs at the multiplayer folks there.
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