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Re: Early UK Release For Star Trek Into Darkness

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It's probably because Star Trek 2009 didn't do as well as expected, in foreign markets like the UK and Europe, where TNG had (still has) a huge following. One that even kept Nemesis reasonably afloat, in those markets, while it sank without trace in the US. Particularly Germany for some reason. Must've been all that expressionist architecture on Romulus and those Nosferatu bad guys.
"Didn't do as well as expected" by whom, I'd have to ask? And what were the numbers* for the UK / Germany / Europe, versus numbers for the previous Trek films in those same markets?

Every time this issue is raised, it seems as if Star Trek (2009) is being compared to the sort of action movies which typically do double or triple overseas what they do domestically, while the typical pattern for Star Trek films has the domestic take at roughly double the international.

* i.e., % of Int'l. box office and/or % of worldwide totals?
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