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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

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Grey 17 is Missing - More Franklin stuff. He's a bit annoying this episode. I kind of wish Ivanova had refused to leave him alone, and just beat the info out of him. He was going to withhold info that could be vital to the war with the shadows because he wanted his personal space. The Minbari warrior caste is back, and the guy shows they are still stupid. did he seriously believe the rangers would follow him? If pushed, they'd probably all just quit, make a new group with a different name, and follow Delenn anyway. Also, apparently the warrior is the Minbari version of batman, judging from his dissappearing act I figured Lennier would find a way to stop the warrior regardless of his promise, and Marcus was the best choice. The missing section in grey sector is interesting, and it definately had potential. Little did I know that Garibaldi would be captured by the B5 version of mole people. Not only that, but the lead mole man is easily the most annoying character thats been on the show so far. I could barely decipher his gibberish most of the time, and he just wouldn't shut up. I was hoping Garibaldi would get his gun back and shoot him, but I guess getting rough with him was better than nothing. The Marcus/warrior fight was cool, even though Marcus got beat pretty badly. The monster in B5 looked cool, although I wish Garibaldi had managed to feed the annoying mole man to him. I'm not sure if the homemade guy thing actually makes sense, but it was interesting. Overall, this was an ok episode, and Delenn's stuff was decent, but the Grey 17 parts were not great. I think it had a lot of potential, and I was interested in those parts, but the end result didn't live up to what I thought it would be. It ended up being mostly annoying because of the mole man who wouldn't stop saying stupid stuff. He was beyond irritating.
Yea, Grey 17 is Missing gets unfairly put on many bottom 3 or 5 episode lists. The Garibaldi stuff in Section Grey17 didn't come off successfully and is pretty bad, (especially measuring against the rest of B5), but, the Minbari stuff with Neroon (Our Moderator's Namesake), Marcus, Delenn and Lennier is great, and is important to the arc, such as establishing Delenn as Sinclair's replacement as En'til'zha.

If the episode was named for the Minbari stuff, I think it would go higher on alot of people's list. As it is, people think of the episode and the first thing that comes to mind is Jeremiah and the Zarg and the homemade cannon, and it gets thrown to the bottom of the dumpster with little more thought
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