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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

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The only question is how G'Kar got into his palace to kill him, but at this point I'll just assume he was Londo's slave. Either that, or he gained the ability to teleport. Why not? It fits the stupidity of these sections.

Seriously? I mean, you're completely overlooking the actual emotional context of that scene. I though that Andreas and Peter played that perfectly, making it clear that this was an act of a dear friend helping another.

They're both great actors (and my slave comment was mostly sarcastic) although I didn't really feel the friend thing. Unless G'Kar joins the shadows, I doubt he'd befriend a guiy who has helped the shadows so much. I could see Londo having G'Kar brought there to kill him because no one else would. That part doesn't really matter, anyway. I'm fine with that being their fate, its been hinted at enough anyway, the two mortal enemies killing each other.
Thankfully, And the Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place is next.

My hate for the future part is about the fact that the stuff that was more up in the air, like Londo changing his mind about the shadows sometime during the show, not over a decade after, that we now know the answers too.
Your assumption is wrong. Your assumption is completely wrong.
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