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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

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Ok, this is the last comment about this I think I'll answer, for the sake of not clogging the thread anymore. We didn't get all the answers about every little thing Londo does, he could still do stuff that effects the war and other people in ways I can't guess. but, his personal story arc about himself, what will happen to him specifically (who he'll ally with, wether he will redeem himself or die a tool of the shadows) has been definitive answered. There is no mystery as to what happens in the end. sure, they don't tell us exactly how he gets there, but we know the destination, which means the questions that were a big part of his personal story have been answered, making his personal story pointless because you know what his big choice will be at the end, he stays an ally of the shadows and doesn't get redemption (atleast until the very end, where he saves Delenn and Sheapard and has G'Kar stop him from being a puppet anymore).

The simple answer to your supposition here: your wrong about what happens. Watch and see. Open your mind Grasshopper.
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