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Well, I think the TV show had a lot more substance to it and didn't have to throw lens flare and loud noises at me to put me in a docile enough state to accept it.
Yeah, thats what happened. Okay, maybe to you, but not me. I'll let others speak for themselves rather than make some sort of blanket statement.

The scary thing right now about Trek is how defeated everybody is. Half the fandom hate Abrams' take on Star Trek but nobody seems to see it getting any better.
Who's defeated? A few doom and gloomers on the internet? Half? No, not half. Probably not even a quarter. Even one percent might be way too high.

Well, I actually do. A future TV series is inevitable and I reckon enough time has passed for it to do well enough in the ratings if they approach it right.
Finally something that makes sense.
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