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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

But we didn't get ALL of the answers. We got a small glimpse of one part of a long series of events that take place over the rest of the series and beyond. Why can't you just accept what we are telling about there being more to all of this than you think? It's not like they sat down and talked in detail about every detail of what happened between the present day stuff and the future stuff. It's just a hint about what's to come, and doesn't give all of the details.
And you keep talking about stuff being spoiled, but it really can't be a spoiling anything if it is being done in the manner it was originally intended to be told.

And as for Lost at that point, the whole goal for the cast at that point was getting off the Island, so finding out that they did and it wasn't the end of the story was a huge shift. It "spoiled" things way more than the B5 stuff did.
EDIT: Sorry Neroon, I wrote the post before yours came up.
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