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Re: 38 minutes of the film in Brasil - SPOILERS!

Allowing for poor translation issues... that all sounds very promising.

I'm not sure the alien world adventure is all that strong an opening for the film. It's what people expect from Star Trek. Like being dropped into the middle of a distinctly average episode. A shame there wasn't a John Harrison backstory type pre-title sequence, to mirror James Kirk's from the first film. But then that would completely give the game away I suppose. Depicting an origin for somebody who's apparently got to remain a mystery...

I doubt he's Robert April now. I mean you could effectively show that Captain's fall from grace at the start, and apparent death... with the audience having no idea the villain running circles around Kirk for the rest of the film, is the same man, reborn or deaged or whatever. Instead it's left as something for the comic to play around with, and not be in the least bit manditory reading. April and what's going on in the Countdown right now, just seems far removed from this plot. He's broken the Prime Directive, but he's done it to protect others like Kirk and there's no reason he'd move on from that, to committing terrorist acts against Earth.
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