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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

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The only question is how G'Kar got into his palace to kill him, but at this point I'll just assume he was Londo's slave. Either that, or he gained the ability to teleport. Why not? It fits the stupidity of these sections.
Seriously? I mean, you're completely overlooking the actual emotional context of that scene. I though that Andreas and Peter played that perfectly, making it clear that this was an act of a dear friend

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I guess telepaths are good against them. It was weird to see Lyta apparently crying blood after the attack, in most things like this the person usually gets a nosebleed.

Most battlecrabs are effectively just drone ships "piloted" by cybernetically modified humans like those seen in Ship of Tears, which is why they're vulnerable to telepaths and why the Shadows wanted telepaths.

It's worth noting that we've never really seen a ship piloted by an actual Shadow.

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