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Re: Monday Mornings - Anybody Watching?

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I've seen one episode straight through.

Doctor Park is annoying. So is the super-abrasive Indian girl doctor.
Really? I think they're the two best characters. Dr. Park shamed his former patient and her husband into dropping a silly malpractice suit! I thought that was pretty bad ass.
He's a stereotype. Like they couldn't find a foreign-born Asian doctor that speaks better English. He's like Hiro from Heroes.

I don't care enough to sit through weeks of this until Jamie and Jennifer decide to boink each other and get it over with.
Are we supposed to care about those two characters? Because I don't.
With all the knowing looks and innuendo between the two of them in the pilot, The creators sure as hell wanted you to care. The fact that you don't simply proves my point.

As for the actual Monday Mornings? I don't like attending meetings at my own job. M&M conferences may be super-secret and highly important, but they're still just staff meetings. Which are generally boring. And a stupid thing to build an entire series around.
It's interesting, though, to see which doctor will be put in the hot seat (well, podium), and figure out where and why they screwed up. Even when the patients live, Molina's character points out what they did wrong, which is different from most other hospital-oriented shows I have watched (admittedly, only a few).
Then it's worse than a meeting. It's medical school. I thought you had to already be a doctor to be surgeon. I don't want to audit Professor Molina's medical lectures every week either.
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