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Re: A parade of spaceships...

Here is another look at the interior and it's evolution from initially in Just Imagine and then through the Flash Gordon serials.

Initially we have a quite spare and minimalist interior.

Then in the first Flash Gordon serial we have a more evolved and more detailed interior that style very retro looking remains clean and visually interesting (in my opinion)

Later on the interior is redressed twice. One version (on the left) bears practically no resemblance to the ship's basic shape as seen from the outside and particularly with its distinctive overhead viewports. The second version looks better yet also a lot busier with more detail that looks just thrown onto the walls.

The only things I like about the initial version is the control panel. It's clean and easy to see and retro looking. The first version of the serials is a nice evolution with interesting period detailing added even if the set isn't truly consistent with the ship's exterior. The remake with rectangular viewports where none exist on the ship's exterior just looks plain and boring (in my opinion). The last version evokes the ship's exterior shape, but I find it too busy with what I think is unimaginative detailing.

Overall I think I like the first serial version best.

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