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Starbase Yukon (Interactive Roleplaying Simulation)

Hiya there guys. I'm really new here, in fact, this is my first post here. I've been a big Trek fan since I was born. My father always watched The Next Generation with me. Not a big fan of the Original series, tolerated the slow pace of DS9, enjoyed Voyager, love Enterprise, all next to my favorite, TNG. (Especially the movies.)

Anyway, I'm the Fleet Executive Officer for Atlantis Fleet, and we currently have many spots available. For a list of all open positions, please click here.

We are a new fleet. Not exactly fresh off the shelf. We do have one already established near-full vessel in our fleet, soon to be adding another. This starbase however, will be a good backbone. It is primarily very high-level positions. When you become a part of the Yukon, you will have seniority on that individual aspect of the fleet, and will be in command during any type of Fleet Action. We do operate in an alternate universe, before the refinement of a few Starfleet technologies, and with an invading Klingon fleet that attacked the wounded Federation following the Dominion War.

Anyway, I should also let you know that you are free to have more than one character. You may create one, then create another NPC in another department. In fact, we encourage it. You can also have another character on a different sim entirely. Since we are soon to be opening a new vessel, all but the command position will be available.

The joining process is simple. Simply click this link and follow the instructions. It's all standard stuff. The sample post is so we can get a good idea of your writing ability, and will affect your rank and placement.

Also, I must tell you that this is something you must be active in. We expect activity each and every week, with some exceptions (health, emergency, etc).

Well, if you guys are interested, feel free to apply. Hope to see some of you there. Also, if this is not the proper category for this. I didn't see any subforum for roleplaying simulations, so I figured since it is fan-written, this makes sense.

The Plot

The year is 2395.

The Federation is torn apart by war and on the verge of losing everything.

From the ashes of what remains of Starfleet, Atlantis Fleet is born in the Federation's greatest hour of need.

The Romulans were nearly decimated by the explosion of their sun and the destruction of Romulus. The Federation was severely crippled from the Dominion War, when they lost Deep Space Nine to the Dominion. Which was later destroyed, to prevent Captain Sisko from retaking it. As well as the last Borg invasion at sector 001, where the Enterprise - E was lost with all hands back in the late twenty first century as they blew up the ship to save the Earth.

The Klingons seized upon the 'glorious' oppurtunity and turned on their allies to gain the dominance of the Alpha Quadrant as they had always dreamed of, but could never acheve before. The Romulans are unable to defend themselves and Stafleet is being forced back to defend it's core worlds, but are being ripped apart by the Klingon advance.

Atlantis Fleet is the home of Starfleet's last defence force. Some of the most powerful ships-of-the-line can be found in this fleet. Charged with the defense of what is left of the neutral zones and the Federation core world's, this Fleet's mission is no easy task.

Atlantis Fleet is the last hope for the Federation. The answer to all civilizations who cry out for peace. The Light in the Darkness. A beacon of hope.

"It's always Darkest just before the Dawn."
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