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Re: Did You Love Other Vintage Sci-Fi Shows?

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You're welcome. It's a bit dated and the model work is laughable but the stories are pretty good. BTW, Space: 1999 was originally intended as a sequel to this of sorts.
Yeah, UFO had good ratings in the States, so Lew Grade greenlit Anderson to start work on Season Two. Anderson decided that SHADO should relocate to to a vastly-enlarged moonbase, and they would have improved Interceptors.

A large amount of this design work had already been done when the ratings fell, and the US stations cancelled thier interest in Season Two.

Without this market, Grade could not authorise a second season, but Anderson suggested applying the new designs to a new series, so the work wasn't wasted.

This explains why the Moonbase Alpha uniforms are the same mushroom colour as SHADO ones. Also, Straker's secretary's typewriter found it's way to the Main Mission Control Panels (usually in front of Paul Morrow).

Guess that answers the question of my favourite series of the '70's!
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