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Re: Doctor Who in the Star Trek universe

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By analogy, think of canon as like a continent and personal continuity as like a country.
Maybe, but for every person who only accepts Trek TOS or old/new BSG or Who there's someone whose personal <insert your favorite word here> includes the official canon material PLUS fan fiction, side stories, audio adventures, etc. etc. In fact, I'd wager there's more who add than subtract.
Yes, which is why both of the countries I actually mentioned -- the United States and Russia -- contain territory that goes beyond a single continent. The whole point of my analogy is to say exactly what you just said: that a personal continuity can include -- or exclude -- both canonical and extracanonical material. But personally counting a tie-in novel doesn't make it part of your "personal canon" any more than Hawaii is part of the USA's "national continent." Each fan has one's own personal continuity, while the studio has its canon. That's the distinction.

I've been adding tie-ins to my personal Star Trek continuity for decades, and yes, there are canonical episodes I exclude from it. I play that game just like anyone else does. I mean, my gods, I've written nearly 20 works of tie-in Trek fiction, all of which I count as part of my personal continuity, along with dozens of other novels and storie that my novels and stories interconnect with. So of course I'm aware that personal continuity is mostly about addition rather than subtraction.
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