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Re: Earth ship Valiant

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Still not accepting the Valiant could use sublight engines to go the the galactic barrier, which would be closer out of plane but fewer systems to explore 8n that direction.FWIW, the Star Charts have it thousands of light years distant.
Of course it can't make it on sublight engines alone. It would have to use a wormhole or some other strange, new phenomenon to get there, or get alien help as was proposed upthread.

One of the reasons why I can still enjoy Star Trek, despite its highly implausible future history, is that I can think of events like the Valiant, and to a lesser extent the Botany Bay, as being more mythological than historical. By that, I mean, I can assume that they happened in some ancient past relative to Kirk's era, a past which doesn't correspond to any version of future history that could fit in with the real world. Screw the dates.

I also wonder if that's how the writers want us to look at it, when characters in the franchises refer to contemporary events as happening in "ancient" Earth history.
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