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Re: Mirror universe, Day to day and Civilian life

I've always seen the MU as a place where the universe was ever so slightly more aggressive. The Murder Promotion was probably just the extreme end of "person moves up when the one ahead of them dies." That's not unusual, even in today's society. We just, as a society, look down on murder, and think it's a thing we should investigate and prosecute. The MU folks (at least in TOS time) didn't put that high a priority on that. That, and the MU people put more stock into power, and somewhat less into arbitrary rules made by dead people than we do: in IaMD, if Archer had been successful in his mutiny, but not capturing the Defiant, he would have been prosecuted and executed when/if he got back home. They still had rules made by living people; otherwise, their society wouldn't have advanced. It was when that rule of law fell apart that the Empire fell. However, Smiley and Worf both seemed to have things under control, and there didn't seem to be too much actual backstabbery (Kira was just a psychopath).

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In other words, if Americans invented a totalitarian system, it would be the MU.
We did. It was called slavery.
Anglo had slaves before whites settled in North America. In other words, Americans didn't invent slavery.
Slavery has been around since walking apes figured out they could own stuff.
You perceive wrongly. I feel unimaginable happiness wasting time talking with women. I'm that type of human.
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