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Re: Animated nuTrek concept art

While it's really impossible to know without having something concrete to make the comparisons, I suspect I'd probably be happier with a Clone Wars style take on the characters than a Green Lantern style take.

In TCW and GL character animation, the human proportions are exaggerated. In GL, it's wildly exaggerated (probably too much; hence, my concerns). In TCW, it's significantly less exaggerated overall, but there's nevertheless still hyper-narrowing of facial features, hyper-broad chests (just less so than in GL), etc.

It's also definitely worth pointing out that TCW character style has been used successfully to adapt live action material, while the GL character style has been used—and arguably less successfully—to adapt comic book material.

Filmation, on the other hand, opted for (ETA: in the case of the males) perfectly proportioned, though still idealized and simplified, characters.

ETA: However, the females on TAS, particularly Uhura, were usually drawn with Barbie-esque proportions, including a long slender neck and oversized head. If I have any major complaint in the way that the characters were realized in TAS, it would be in that manner of depicting the women.

If I were the producers, I'd do test footage of as many different character styles as possible, preferably with the actual actors' voices. ETA: One way to accomplish that would be to render a few select scenes of the films in the various styles, assuming they would in fact use the film actors.
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