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Re: Spock's the best 1st Officer in Starfleet?

T'Pau pulled Spock's ass out of the fire at the end of "Amok Time", but at the end of "The Menagerie", too?

Two questions occur to me:

1. Did T'Pau learn that Kirk wasn't dead? Because she saves his ass from Admiral Komack's wrath for being late to Altair. If she didn't know he was alive, then she did it for Spock, which makes you wonder how far she'd defend Spock. If he had killed Kirk, what would she say or do?

2. Did T'Pau perhaps request Enterprise be diverted to Vulcan earlier, and the request just finally got approval after they had finished there? Because how fast would the channels have to be for T'Pau to ask for Enterprise to visit Vulcan and get approval? Same day service just for her?
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