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Re: Levar Burton aka Geordi La Forge criticizes Star Trek 2009

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I doubt that "smart" films have ever made up the bulk of film produced world wide since the invention of the motion picture.

Star Trek on film has never really been in the "smart" category. (TMP was more pretentious than smart) Even in TV its been slightly above average at best, rather than in the "smarts" department.
The vast majority of Trek films weren't smart and the one's with TNG actors definately IMO were not.

Generations: the villian chases after blissful eternal life by entering the 'Nexus," a space ribbon. Enterprise and crew try to stop him. [not high minded to me]

First Contact: rinse-repeat the borg [no highmindness there]

Insurrection: planet with simple folks who have found the fountain of youth. [err nothing to see here]

Nemesis: well enough said.
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We're 0 for 11 on smart Trek films. It may be time to let the dream go and settle for good ones.

TMP - The Changeling plus some nice effects shots that linger.

TWOK - Roaring Rampage of Revenge, nice tension. Great character work, hardly smart.

TSFS - Klutzy villains, technology is a double-edged sword, magic box resurrects Spock.

TVH Fun time-travel romp wrapped in fluff with another lethal probe thing heading for Earth etc.


TUC Stolid Cold War analogues, wow, peace with the Klingons, who'da seen that coming unless they watched TNG.

Smart just isn't what Trek movies do.
It wasn't as if there was nothing, just nothing all too thought-provoking or deep. Or, just broad or vague enough to evoke a theme, but not say much new. Thematically, I have it:

TMP: What is there to life? Exemplified by Spock realizing that with all it knows V-ger is still empty because it can't feel, and that's the most important thing.
TWOK: Growing old. Self-renewal. The Phoenix of Kirk's life starting again from the death of Spock, symbolizing the end of the past and the start of a new future.
TSFS: Loyalty and friendship. The needs of the one.
TVH: Ecology.
TFF: Can't put it better than HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh! Wait, I know. It was, what does God need with a starship?
TUC: Prejudice. Overcoming fears and forming an open mind. Duty.

Actually, two of the better Trek movie themes were in GEN and INS.
GEN: Facing reality v. the pull of eternal happiness. Maybe addiction.
INS: The pure ideals of 1960s youth v. the 1990s yuppies who lost those ideals as they aged and desparately want to reaquire them at any cost and no matter how superficial and compromised they would really be if attained.

The problem with those two themes is they may have actually been too deep for a commercial science fiction, action-adventure movie that most people are watching with a box of popcorn. I think they would've been very good TNG TV episodes, though.
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