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Everyone's assuming that the Abramsverse will be around for a long time, when there's no guarantee of that in this day and age. Both the prime and Abramsverse continuties could be gone by the end of this decade if someone else steps in after Abrams with his or her finger on the ultimate reboot button, IMO.
True, but I think they would struggle to re-reboot. There would be a resulting drop in credibility/box office.
I don't think so on both points. Reboots are coming faster and faster these days (often at the mandate of studio execs and producers with their own vision of how things should be), and if Kirk and the gang were recast with yet another new version of the original Enterprise a few years after Star Trek XIII, people would go to see them if it's exciting enough.
They've got a whole NEW universe to play with - they can literally do anything the want so why not use it ?
They could do that with a total reboot too, and do even more things that Abrams didn't. I think with Star Trek XI, the door has been opened for Trek to be continually reinvented or reimagined every so often (perhaps at 10 to 12 year intervals).
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