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Re: Best Of Both Worlds Trailer

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“Experience one of television’s most powerful cliffhangers...”

That strikes me as a lousy advertisement, considering that the cliffhanger aspect is lost entirely in this presentation. If a cliffhanger is what you want, you need to see it in two parts.
I think this is why I'm not buying the Best of Both Worlds set. The power of the episode was the cliffhanger, and Ron Jone's sweeping score that came with it. I'm looking forward to the theatrical screening to see how they merged the two episodes together, but if it was anything like what Maxwell Everett posted a month ago, than the Cliffhanger is lost and it's just a 90 minute movie. I don't really want it to be a 90 minute movie. I was the music, the episode as originally aired, and the theatrical screening gives me a reason to not watch BOBW when I get to it on the Season 3 set.
I am of course going to the screening but yes, the best part of part 1 is the end. It's why I half-jokingly said about a month ago that I almost wish they'd do like Yesterday's Ent. or the Defector, Tin Man, etc. and then BOBW pt. 1 in theater this go around and then BOBW pt. 2 and Family next time. It would preserve the cliffhanger aspect a little more (yes we know what's gonna happen but still).
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