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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

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I don't collect stuff on a regular basis. In the 90's, I collected the Playmates Star Trek figures, when LOTR came out in 2001-2003, I bought a bunch of those. Then nothing until The Avengers came out...and I kind of limited myself to Hawkeye and Black Widow (except for the special 8 pack which included all Avengers plus Loki and Fury).

I haven't bought any Star Wars figures since 1980. Last one I had was Princess Leia in the Bespin gown.
It doesn't matter if your collection is big or small. All lovers of plastic pop-culture icons are welcome here.

Also, we all love your Clint and Natasha adventures. This thread would be much less bright without them.

I did get some clarification about why I'm getting Thor seemingly early. Sideshow apparently got a very small batch, and decided to give them to the people who had flex-payments scheduled for March 5th. I was among the lucky ones who did, so I wind up in Sideshow's first Thor batch. The rest should be coming to them within twenty days or so.
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