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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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Yeah I'm pretty sure it's technically akin to that panning shot in "The Last Outpost." Maxwell can explain it ten times better, but whenever they did a pnning shot that involved green screen type stuff, the quality (even in the HD versions) was lowered.
Also, it was a combined live-action/bluescreen shot. Pretty much every live-action shot in Season 2 that included a bluescreen element or optical effect (such as the bridge set with the viewscreen) was DNRed to hell, thanks to HTV not really knowing what they were doing.

One of the many examples:

Blue-screen + live-action:

Live action only:
Right, those differences are very jarring in the Season 2 set.

But what I'm referring to is: the shot actually looks SD - the detail is lower, yet there's more digital noise (not smooth DNR) and w/ NTSC-like colors. I wish I could provide a screencap, but Trekcore hasn't posted that episode yet.
I know what you're saying. It's different than the examples posted because you're referring to when the camera is actually panning. The entire shot looks lower-res (a la "The Last Outpost" pan and the "Samaritan Snare" pan with the Pakleds on the viewscreen).
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