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Re: Cardassian society - enforcement or preference?

I agree that democracy is the best thing going. Ironically, though even democracy doesn't automatically guarantee freedom.

The Roman and Greek republics were democracies but the wealthy controlled everything and legalized things like seizing individual lands and slavery.

Even the US with its constitution in tact had lots of abuses of human rights. One minor example is prohibition, where alcohol was banned across the country.

You can even take an issue with the Federation for violating basic individual rights, like;

--not allowing women to attain the rank of captain, blatant legalized sexism.

--ordering a Starfleet officer to submit to a dangerous experiment regardless of his refusal.

-- later attempting to take away his daughter to a research facility, without his or her consent.

I wouldn't trade the Fed's democracy for anything, but it's still interesting to point out. Democracy has to be tweaked a lot in order to truly work.
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