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Posted by AlexR:
Actually, all the answers are in the first post.


I've thought about pruning out the cross-discussion here, but since it doesn't actually seem to be affecting anybody's ability to see the answers in the FAQ itself, I've left folks the freedom to comment and have comments read.
So you mean any new answers that come up will always be added to the first post at the top, and not as a new post in sequence behind the last post made? If that's the case, then disregard my question.

My assumption was that any new activity (answers) would just fall in together with other posts in sequential order, as in other threads. If that were the case then as the thread grew you'd have to scroll through a lot of posts looking for the answers, and that's why I was concerned. I never thought about the ability to keep updating the very first post.

My goof! Thanks for setting me straight!
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