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Posted by AlexR:
^^^ Yup, somethin' like that. Anything that there's a fairly straightforward answer for, that seems to come up over and over and slows down discussions of other topics because we need to keep redefining the terms, etc. etc.

Then we can just say, "Check the FAQ" and move onward.

Hi Alex,

Just a general question. Over time since this thread was created, I've noticed there seems to be a greater volume of general discussion of topics here, as opposed to a growing list of answers to FAQ's as you describe above.

If this were to be used as a thread to truely find a quick answer or definition, you'd have to scroll through a good bit of general discussions, opinions, replies, etc. to find them.

I'm just wondering if maybe those types of posts should be in other threads, reserving this one for true FAQ answers, some of which might arise from discussions in other threads, but not include the back & forth discussions & opinions themselves.

Or maybe not, I just wasn't sure what you originally intended. If it was just supposed to be a FAQ though, then maybe it should be moderated where any general statement/opinion/question itself is put into a new separate thread for further discussion, and then if any "fairly straightforward answer" comes from that discussion it could then be added to the FAQ thread. Like maybe my post right here for example.

Reason I mention it is because I always check here when there's a new post, but have noticed that it's rarely a new FAQ answer. Just wanted to hear your take on it. Thanks!
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