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Update on the rant....VALIDATION! The heart monitor picked something up! Is it weird that I'm happy about this?
Not weird at all! I'm glad you're getting answers.

Now, my own rant...

I've been on SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) long enough now that I became eligible for Medicare on March 1. Instead of one health insurance policy that covers everything, I now have regular Medicare (Parts A and B), a Medi-gap policy through a private insurance company, and Part D (prescriptions) through a different company. I'm losing my mind changing everything over...

Medicare doesn't cover the IV antibiotics that I'm getting as part of home health care (Part B), so it has to come under Part D. But the company that currently supplies the antibiotics doesn't accept Part D, so I have to switch to a new provider and, therefore, a new infusion pump... when all I have left is ten more days of treatment! Same basic issue with the home health nurse... Fighting with the surgeon's office to get him to sign and fax some form for only a 3 or 4 more visits.

I so wish I could've just stayed with my previous insurance for another month or two, until all this stuff was finished. But I was in a state program for people who are otherwise uninsurable, so by definition I was no longer eligible for that as soon as I was Medicare-eligible.

Edited to add that there's been a wonderful resolution to one piece of this:

Since I have only ten days of tx left anyway, the home infusion agency has decided to keep me on... and not charge me. If I had to pay, the meds alone would be $190 a day. I am very impressed with these people!

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