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Re: Did You Love Other Vintage Sci-Fi Shows?

Ah, Zap, now you asked a question I appreciate:

VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA: my second all time favorite show and easily Irwin Allen's best and, at the time, most successful. Back when SF was a tough sell, Voyage lasted 110 episodes over 4 years. In the US on network TV, that was quite a feat and a record it held for a very long time. It was great fun and Richard Basehart was easily the greatest actor working in television. It got very weird and often childish, but it was fun 99.9% of the time. It is nowhere near the quality of Star Trek, but I love it just about as much.

- LOST IN SPACE: loved it as a kid, but only "like it" today, mostly because fully half of the series was awful. I don't mind cheesy aliens and crappy plots (see Voyage), but it became a "spacey" answer to Batman and the emphasis on fantasy comedy with Dr. Smith ruined it. It still had some real gems in the later episodes, but that second season is almost a total write off. Still John Williams' work is some of the best Television music in history.

LAND OF THE GIANTS: I like it, but it is the least of the Irwin Allen series. A great cast and effects, but dull stories and a dead-end concept make this one a chore most of the time. However, when they got weird in the 2nd season, it got more fun. Also Deanna Lund. Me-ow!

THE TIME TUNNEL: the series that debuted the same year as Trek and the one critics preferred. I love it. A good solid adventure, even if the time travel theories make no sense. Again, great fun, as all of the Irwin Allen series were.

Classic GALACTICA: another great show from my youth, but most often the hour long episodes are duds. The two parters, though, are amazingly good. It needed a second season to reach its potential, but having read the recently found proposal for that second year with all the changes, I'm glad it ended when it did.

BUCK ROGERS: LOVE THIS SERIES! Both seasons. Oh man, it's cheesy as hell, but it knows it. The second season was more "serious" and lost some of that charm, but having just watched them all again, I'm thrilled at how much I still enjoyed them. Great escapist fare.

MAN FROM ATLANTIS: No memory of this, although I am more than aware of it and what it's about. I know I watched it, but I don't recall anything about it other than that Patrick Duffy went onto Dallas right after this ended.

LOGAN'S RUN: A cheesefest, but with great intentions. Some fantastic episodes by David Gerrold, Harlan Ellison and DC Fontana, they gave it a good try, but it was just another road show like The Fugitive and Planet of the Apes. Heather Menzies was pretty damned hot though.

PLANET OF THE APES: I liked it, but it was kind of dull and repetitive. Good cast and Roddy McDowell is great, but it fell pretty short of its premiere episode.

SPACE:1999 - my third favorite show of all time - both seasons. Love the atmosphere and music. The characters, such as they were, I enjoyed. Again, the second season got dumber, but it was still so much fun (I watch TV for fun - in case you didn't get it). Also Catherine Schell. Nuff said.

UFO: A little stiff and dull the first half of the year, but it picked up greatlty in the back half. It deserved a second year. Good stuff.

THE INVADERS: The Fugitive with aliens, it was good and scary the first year, then got dull the second. No movement in the story, no reason why the aliens didn't kill David Vincent. Better than it had any right to be because of the talent involved. It came about 15 years too early. It needed to be a serial.

THE IMMORTAL (Chris George): a blatant retread of The Fugitive, but holy crap, did I love this short lived series. Amazing Dominic Frontiere music and excellent, tough performances by Christopher George. It didn't deserve a second season because the producers didn't even TRY to make it new, but it sure had great fights and chases.

SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN/BIONIC WOMAN: Six Mill I love to this day. YBW - meh, too many sensitive "girl" episodes. I enjoyed Steve Austin and his tough guy act and this was the touchstone of my generation. Lots of fun. There's that word again.

THE INCREDIBLE HULK: Another Fugitive retake, but the best of imitations. Nice balance of kids adventure and adult drama. Bill Bixby was my hero forever.

V: Great miniseries, pretty good second mini-series, middling to awful weekly series. But I loved it. Why? F.U.N. I loved 80's action TV and whatever else it screwed up, V The Series had fantastic action.

OTHERWORLD: Awful from the word go. A weird Lost in Space retake that just didn't work.

TWILIGHT ZONE: another favorite which has a LOT more crappy episodes than people want to admit (the last two season are pretty dire for the most part). But its intelligence and fearlessness are well documented. It has earned its rep.

THE OUTER LIMITS: slow going, but intelligent for the most part. People like to dismiss the second season, but that season contained a handful of some of the best episodes of the year (The Inheritors, Demon with a Glass Hand). Great stuff.

BLAKES 7: the best british SF show ever. Amazing.

DOCTOR WHO: could be great, could be awful. I liked it for the most part.
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