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Re: Animated nuTrek concept art

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Why not an animated series and live-action at the same time? They'd be on different channels and focus on different audiences, no need to worry about cannibalizing the audience.
Money, probably. There's pretty much no way to get a really good looking Star Trek show out there without spending at least $1 million per episode (probably $2 million, if SGU was anything to go by) for live action. Greenscreening won't save any money, because you're shoving the costs of set building to the CGI guys, who have to build everything from scratch, then try to render it in photorealistic quality, which isn't cheap.

Animation is expensive too - there was a recent interview with the producer of Green Lantern: TAS where he pointed out that CGI costs a chunk of money, limiting what you can make. But you can stretch that budget a lot further because you're not making everything look as real as possible.
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