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Re: The Constellation's registry number

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I don't see the relevance of "NX-74205" (24th Century) for the NCC numbering scheme of the 23rd Century. I'd say that within a period of 100 years certain methods or nomenclatures will undergo some form of change and this might just be it.
That's a good point. And as EliyahyQeoni brings up in a later post, the "NX" Class shows up with the Enterprise in the Enterprise series. It's changed over the series and years from "NX Class" to an "NX registry for prototypes" that also happens to include a lead ship like the Defiant Class in DS9.

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This idea that ship classes are invariably named after the first ship of the class built is an invention of the spinoffs, though, isn't it? IIRC, TOS had "DY-100" and "DY-500" class freighters. And wasn't Christopher Pike crippled in a training accident on board a "J-class starship"? I'd be surprised if we ever saw an "S.S. DY-100" or the "USS J."
Technically, the dialogue in both "The Menagerie" and "Mudd's Women" spoke of the classification of the ship: "Class J starship/cargo ship" and not the name of ship class as in "J Class". Also, "The Menagerie" describes the shuttlecraft as a "Class F shuttlecraft". Classification, IMHO, speaks to the ship's capabilities or qualities and not to the class name.

In the same way, the "Starship Class" plaque on the TOS bridge doesn't say "Starship Class X" to indicate that is a classification. Instead it suggests that the TOS Enterprise belonged to a Starship Class with either a lead ship named USS Starship or a theme of Starship names.

The DY-100 and DY-500 is an interesting thought though. It does give the idea of a series like DY-1XX and DY-5XX. Or it could be very specific model numbers that many civilian/merchant ships were built. The Botany Bay might not be a good choice as an example though since she was off the books and probably didn't have a registry number.

But going back to "Starship Class", well it does suggest a USS Starship in TOS
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