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Re: Doctor Who in the Star Trek universe

Everybody should do what I do and just choose their own canon. There's no way I'm accepting lazy shit like Voyage of the Damned or End of Time and not Alien Bodies or Chimes of Midnight. The show contradicts itself so many times that trying to argue there is any "official canon" is pretty pointless.

I do the same with Trek, just focus on the stories I believe matter. Thankfully JJ Abrams had the dignity to remove his own story (Minus Romulus destruction and vanishing Spock!) from the Trek canon without me having to.

In sci-fi/fantasy television or film, half the work is us using our imagination. The concept of the author in the most classical sense, is pretty dead. Hence why I believe that the TOS Klingons were supposed to all have ridges, and that it's just a production design inconsistency going on instead of an in-universe transformation. This completely contradicts Worf in DS9 acknowledging the difference or the ENT virus story. But I don't care, as I feel we all have our own individual story we weave together.

I hate the concept of an "official" canon as we lose that and have to bow down to some stupid authority given by a corporation. As if I'm seriously gonna ignore TAS from my Trek canon because Roddenberry threw a hissy fit.
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