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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

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Its more like if the publisher screwed up and printed page 503 as 137.
Look mate, just trust us. You're flat wrong on this one. And no, I'm afraid it's not a matter of opinion, it's fact. Londo & G'Kar's arc is easily the highlight of the whole show and you haven't gotten to most of the *really* good stuff yet.

Put it this way, you know that trope that TV shows like to use to get an episode off to a running start? You know when it jumps right into the middle of the action, with the main character in an unfamiliar situation and say another main character who's supposed to be a friend is chasing them down and apparently trying to kill/arrest them. There's a brief confrontation, perhaps a gun shot. Cut to black. And then it's "48 hours earlier..." and the rest of the episode is about how that "shocking" situation came about.

It's *kind* of like that, but not exactly. Usually that type of scenario isn't done very well and the explanation tends to be pretty cheap since it's often just a gimmick to get an otherwise slow or mediocre script off to a running start.

In this case the point is to make you *think* you know how it's all going to turn out...right up until the point where you're wrong. It's all about misdirection. Even at this point, if you go back and re-watch season one, you'll notice *huge* hints that were telegraphed right there in plain sight, but you wouldn't have thought much of them at the time since they're out of context. And like I said, context matters.

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