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Re: Iron Man 3 Discussion/Photos/ETC.

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The trailer looks brilliant. I like Kingsley's quirky delivery and the scene of the attack on Tony's place is so Shane Black (shades of Lethal Weapon). Plus the tonnes of action helped!
I caught the Lethal Weapon 2 vibe as well. It would be even more obvious if, in one scene, Rhodie is nearly killed by a bomb attached to his toilet. But something tells me that wouldn't mesh with the dark tone they seem to be going for here.
I was thinking more of the first LW, the scene where Gary Busey shot Murtagh's old mate dead from a helicopter attach on a beachfront house. Shane Black wrote LW but none of its sequels. But yeah, I guess there's a LW2 vibe too.
Ah, yes. I was of course thinking of the helicopter attack on Riggs' trailer from LW2. Shane Black did write the original script for this first sequel, but what we got was no longer his baby. If Shane Black had gotten his way, there would have been no LW3 or LW4, because Riggs would have died at the end of LW2.

Makes me wonder if there'll be an important casualty in IM3.

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