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Re: The Defiance Thread - News about the Show and Game

The elevator pitch: It’s a post-apocalyptic space Western, set 40 years in the future, that pushes all the geek buttons. The show creator is Rockne S. O’Bannon, whose credits include a cult Syfy show from the late 1990s called Farscape.
$105 million is a lot of money. That's about what Comcast and NBCUniversal have shelled out on the new Syfy series and video game Defiance
$105 million is the rough budget for the project, which includes a staggering $40 million for the TV series alone (for perspective, HBO, the gold standard for expensive TV, shelled out $60 million on Game of Thrones' first season). The balance pays for the $50 million it cost to make the video game, developed with software company Trion Worlds, which shares the financial burden (NBCU owns half of the game with Trion), and the show's huge marketing budget—upwards of $15 million.
the show, which debuts April 15 at 9 p.m., is being given as high a level of internal promotional attention as Universal Studios’ feature films. "[It’s] top-priority across Comcast for March and April, up there with Fast & Furious 6," says one insider.
about advertising:
they will redefine what a show sponsorship is.
3 major advertisers: Dodge, Verizon and Axe. about Dodge:
the brand will be integrated deep into both the show and the game, with an emphasis on the redesigned Dart on air and on digital. "We've got two Charger police cars that integrate into the programming," he says. "They’ve been retrofitted to look like…I call ’em Mad Max-type vehicles. There’s an old Dodge dealership that will be one of the settings—there may be an old Dodge billboard that’s crumbling on the side of the road." The game will have a drivable Dodge Challenger “with pipes and big tires and machine guns” on it. Meanwhile, Dodge is taking the cars themselves around to auto shows and Dodge events to show off their homemade star.
Hello NY Auto show (March 29-April 7)!

I'll check the TV show out next month. I'm guessing I'll be seeing the media blitz pretty soon. Hopefully better than Revolution (similar apocalyptic feel).

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