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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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I'm still making my way through this season, and I'm seeing more and more shots that appear to be SD resolution. I earlier mentioned the psych test inserts in The Schizoid Man. I forgot to note some subsequent examples, but last night I watched Samaritan Snare. There's a shot of Troi exiting the lift next to the main viewer and walking in front of the viewer. On the viewer, we see LaForge and the Pakleds on their ship. That shot looks SD. Is it possible that they didn't feel like re-compositing a moving shot, or couldn't find the original elements, or is it instead one of those shots using an anamorphic lens similar to the infamous shot in The Last Outpost?

Yeah I'm pretty sure it's technically akin to that panning shot in "The Last Outpost." Maxwell can explain it ten times better, but whenever they did a pnning shot that involved green screen type stuff, the quality (even in the HD versions) was lowered.
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