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Re: The new SimCity...*sigh*

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I think that may be a premature assumption. User-generated content is a major draw for games like this, so I don't see EA getting rid of modding entirely. What they would likely do, if anything, is provide a supported means of modding the game while keeping the social playing field (e.g. global leaderboards) level. If you engaged in unauthorized hacking of their files, however, I would not be surprised if they detect this and consider it a "compromised" client, going so far as disabling the game entirely. Things like that are trivial to do with an always-connected game. But since there are good business reasons to have a user-driven modding system in place (such as the value it adds through user-generated content for very little expense on the business side), I don't think the industry is poised to eliminate that just yet.
You may be right, and it's possible that I'm just being overly negative about their intentions. But there does seem to have been a trend in recent years away from modding and towards DLC and microtransactions. I'd like to think that EA are smart enough to realise the downsides of that sort of thinking, but this is a company that just removed the singleplayer component from a traditionally singleplayer franchise, so I don't hold the management of that company in particularly high regard.

As for modding in SimCity, according to a reddit thread I read earlier (which is the most respectable source of information around ) while the Glassbox engine used for simulating cities client-side is moddable, the Glasshouse engine that simulates the regions serverside doesn't currently support user mods. Maybe Maxis will construct an infrastructure to allow mods work in the future, but right now they're struggling to even get the basics working properly. They've even been reduced to disabling non-essential features just to allow people play the game.
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