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Re: Abrams wanted to blow up more than Romulus

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Well, yes, Nero's a terrible villain, that's not in dispute. I just don't see how thing would be improved if Betazed were destroyed as opposed to Romulus.
As a character, he was inarguably a weak villain. But he was the type of villain this story needed. In a way (just in a way) he was a MacGuffin. He was just the excuse for all the action. He was a one-dimensional pissed off guy with a big gun and he had to be stopped. But while he had to be stopped, the real goal of the movie was the bring the original seven together on the Enterprise.
Now, a villain like him in a movie where the seven are a crew and more established (like in "Into Darkness") would be indeed terrible. I'll bet credits to navy beans we don't have to worry about that, though.

DalekJim wrote: View Post
Well, I was taking the piss mainly. Obviously there's gonna be zero drama out of destroying Betazed whatsoever as nobody gives a fuck about Troi and Lwaxana.

Still iritated Abrams destroyed Romulus though before the inevitable unification with Vulcan could take place. Especially as he then destroyed Vulcan in the Jar Jar timeline so now we can't get unification in either universe. Ideally I'd have had the next Trek movie (Or preferably, a new TV show!) set a century or two after TNG and have had the Romulans be friendlier ala the Klingons in TNG/DS9.
Well, it's the storytelling decision they made, and we have to live with it. Still, if someone wrote an "imaginary tale" of unification (like the DC Comics "imaginary stories"), I'm sure it would have its buyers.
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