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Re: MLB Offseason 2012

Well baseball treats their pre-season in a different light. Football's pre-seaon gets players back into football shape, taking hits again etc. Basketball and Hockey just knocks the rust off and helps players get back in shape.

You need more of a sample size to judge talent in baseball especially for new players. So your spring training invitees are going to get a healthy dose of at bats especially if they are competing for a position. I think a month is about right to give playing time to your expected regulars and sharing some playing time with upcoming prospects. I agree as a fan it's pretty much unwatchable. The only time I remember getting excited for pre-season was so I could get a look at Jason Heyward back when he was coming up.

But like Alidar Jarok just said, there is plenty to watch right now. I've actually enjoyed the World Baseball Classic.
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