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Re: what's the rationale for Vulcan emotional suppression?

C.E. Evans wrote: View Post
I think inherently Vulcan emotions are far more destructive than Human emotions.

The Romulans developed their own sense of emotional control by developing an apparently oppressive society that discourages the populace from getting too out of hand.

Different solutions to the same problem?
That's my take on it, too. The violent-emotions problem must be legit, or the Vulcans look like idiots for creating a repressive society for no reason.

The Romulans have the same problem but control it by turning their aggression outwards. They have some egalitarian structures in their own society, a Senate for example, but behave with paranoia and aggression towards outsiders, which implies that they have to do this.

But even after all this time, the Romulans are still such cyphers that their "true nature" has not been explored. If this theory is correct, lasting peace with Romulans is actually impossible, and they're in the same category as the Borg - only temporary detente is possible - rather than the Klingons, who could become Fed allies as long as both sides understand each other.

I don't recall ENT ever contradicting this theory since I held it when I was watching it and would have noticed a contradiction. I do recall that T'Pol's confession to Trip about violent Vulcan emotions was the first time I remember this being addressed so directly on-screen. I probably picked the idea up from books previously (also TOS strongly implies it).
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