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Re: 38 minutes of the film in Brasil - SPOILERS!

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Skimmed ever so briefly the spoilers. Trying to avoid too much info. But.... is it revealed if Harrison is 'Harrison' or some other character using a different name? I don't want to know who it is if it is an existing character though.
the site said that 38 minutes donīt reveal anything about the identity of Harrison. I think this mystery will remain until the end of the story.
Could be. In which case I hope Harrison survives and there's already a plan for how to take up the story in the next movie. If Harrison is "offed" at the end of the movie, then who would care about a big surprise at the end over who he really was the entire time?

Funny thing: how can they show 38 minutes of a 120 minute movie (almost a third of it) that reveals absolutely nothing of any real value about story? Hope that doesn't say anything about the movie.

Within Trek, I'm trying to think if almost 40 minutes of snips of any other movie could've been shown without any big reveals or total spoilage.

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