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"Cogenitor" I recently watched this episode and did a search on the BBS to see reviews. My mind was pretty much blown by the high praise this episode recieved. The whole premise of this episode was so ill conceived to me.

I'm watching Trip sneek around with the cogenitor playing games in his quarters and showing her old sci-fi movies while teaching her to read when he can. I was just thinking how Trip could be so dense. I mean, just how exactly did he see all of this playing out? What realistic endgame did he think would be possible? Was he really placing the asylum of the Cogenitor ahead of what appears to be a succesfull first contact with a peaceful race? I also have a hard time buying that we would actually care enough to go through all of that.

Apparently the Archer speech at the end solidified this episode as an "A +" episode but it had absolutely no continuity. Trip was essentially AWOL during "Regeneration" and "The Expanse" opens up with Trip and Archer buddy buddy again. There was absolutely no punishment whatsoever except for his conscience.
Cogenitor works when if you're watching it among the season as a whole. So much of Enterprise season 2 is crap, although the episode stretch from Judgment through to First Flight is actually pretty decent. Cogenitor is watchable and entertaining which is why it gets a pass from me, especially since so much from the season really is a chore to get through.

I agree, the episode isn't really a well thought out one. Not to mention that Trip's meddling caused someone to commit suicide and screwed relations over with a potential ally, yet his only punishment was Archer giving a fatherly "I'm not angry, just disappointed" lecture which quite literally was forgotten the next week.
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