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^It's a possibility. They're going to do a nerve conduction test, because while I don't have back problems, I do have sciatica and I'm having some weird nerve-related symptoms that don't fit the pathology of diabetic neuropathy (which would be unlikely in me in any case, as I am young and fit and my diabetes is under good control). I have tingling in my left hand that comes and goes, and if I sleep with my left arm above my head it goes numb. Maybe it is a nerve thing! I sure wouldn't mind if the sciatica could be fixed! I have to have a tip-table test too, which doesn't sound fun (I don't mind the tip-table part, but the adrenalin injection doesn't sound pleasant), and I'm having an ultrasound today to rule out endometriosis or other ladyhood problems. I'm so tired of tests...I'm trying to rejoice in the scientific method, but it becomes exhausting at a point.

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