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Re: Star Trek Insurrection the Dominion War??

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^ Maybe, but most WW2 movies aren't about Patton or MacArthur. And it actually makes sense to keep the fleet's flagship and Picard largely out of harm's way, because losing either or both of 'em could've been a huge morale sapper.
There is that guy on youtube who speaks like Garfield that tears First Contact to shreds because Picard seems to go Rambo against the Borg whereas he was cool-headed and measured in dealing with them on TNG. And FC is the best regarded TNG movie.

My point is that TNG was meant to strike a different tone vs. DS9. TNG was the last Trek that was meant to embody Gene's pacifist vision, and it was allowed to be kind of protected and set aside from the darker, more cynical tone of DS9.

It doesn't mean Picard shouldn't have been allowed to fight, but Picard embodied a symbol of restraint and negotiation. He should not have been seen leading war strategy ala Patton or MacArthur. Leave that to the admiralty.
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