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Re: Movies Seen In 2013

19. Fling: C
20. Ask the Dust: D+
21. Mulan: A-
22. The Lovely Bones: B
23. The Initiation of Sarah: D

Wow, just WOW, this had to have been either DDVD or a TV movie tele-film cause it's pretty bad. It came up in Netflix as a recommendation cause of other Summer Gleau films I'd seen. I read the description and thought, ok, competing witch covens disguised as sororities both seeking the powerful "one". It also has Jennifer Tilly(house mistress of the "good" coven) representing Gaea an the Earth goddess and Morgan Fairchild--let that sink in--who is the "mother" of the twin girls, of which Summer is one, that might be "the one". Summer(I don't even recall the characters names other than Sarah cause I don't know that actress) plays the daughter whose always bent over backward or been forced to comply to things cause Sarah was unusual. They had a dorky nickname in high school and Summer's character is ready for a fresh start and their "mother" has told them all about how great the "evil" sorority is.

The evil sorority is of course tied in with demons and it seems the blood of "the one" is required by the demon to grant the women of the sorority their power and pseudo immortality. If the demon can't have "the one" the blood of a virgin always buys time and it seem Sarah's new love interest is one and they capture him to force her hand. Once she and him escape she promptly does what needs to be done to save him....she has sex with him.

We find out that both twins contain the blood power the demon wants and the evil coven turns on Summer and are going to sacrifice her. Sarah stops them and the film ends with the good coven marching down the street of soroity row in their cloaks, in the dark with leaves blowing while a rock ballad plays.

Pretty bad but saved from an outright F grade cause it was, unintentionally, funny enough and the affects weren't quite Art Asylum bad. It was such a state of bizarre that I kinda kept watching to see if it would redeem itself or just get cheesier.
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